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Monday, March 2, 2009




  1. Twitter naturally appeals to social groups that communicate heavily via SMS; ALL ages. It is fundamentally an SMS bulletin board that you can post to and read directly on anything from a Mac to a mobile phones. You can even post to it and read it from your multiply social networks, like Myspace, Facebook, Blogs, etc.
  2. It appeals to anyone who wants to establish an affinity group to contribute and listen. As you can follow anyone (except those who deliberately opt for select privacy) it’s reasonably easy to set up any kind of group and follow it.  
  3. Twitter can quickly become an impromptu info-sharing point, as happened in the presidential election and more recently in the Chinese earthquake. It can also be used in this role for a conference. The organizers simply set up a Twitter ID and tweets atoms of information to communicate directly with speakers. Attendees can elect to follow.
  4. You can use it as a real-time news feed because a number of News providers, including the BBC and CNN issue News bulletins as tweets.
  5. It can be used for PR and marketing. Companies can tweet announcements with links to web pages containing press releases, marketing collateral, etc. Because some companies (Oracle for example, use it in this way, those who follow such companies including journalists, analysts and even company staff, can use Twitter as an information feed) Rock groups use it in a similar way.
  6. Similarly it can be used for customer relations. Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU), for example, uses Twitter for receiving and responding to customer queries. Doing so provides a complete trail of questions and answers.
  7. It is fundamentally social in a way that other social media web sites are not (Like Facebook, MySpace etc.) You can form groups with circles of friends on those web sites but you don’t meet new people. If you want to meet new people on Twitter, just ask a question and someone will chime in with an answer. (You’ll need to have built up a bit of a following for this, but it works.)
  8. It is a natural medium for bloggers. You can get many blog plugins that automatically tweets your blog postings (the headline and the URL). The converse to this is that you can automatically track the postings of bloggers you follow.
  9. It’s a source of entertainment. You have to choose who you follow for this, but it is possible to follow Cher, Stephen Colbert and a host of less well known comedians. The tweets are undoubtedly done by scriptwriters, but they can be sooo funny.
  10. Finally you can do all of these things together without confusing the information stream by simply setting up multiple Twitter accounts. There’s a neat little widget called Twhirl that allows you to have multiple accounts open at once and pull down feeds directly to the desktop.

I hope you’ll follow me and in return I’ll follow you, remember its fun, productive and really, really, easy!

Just try it! Cheers Kay Kelison

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