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Friday, March 6, 2009

Micro-Blogging/Mobile Devices Oh My!

Micro-blogging is a networking service that allows Mobile Users and other Internet connected devices to stay abreast of activities within a group by receiving frequent published updates, typically of 140 characters or less. Text messages are uploaded to a Micro-blogging service such as Twitter. All parties subscribed in the targeted group are instantly notified of the micro-blog, enabling groups to keep them informed on one another’s activities in real time. A Micro-blog can also be public which subscribers can join and drop micro-blogs at will.

Micro-Blogs can also be a good start for those who want to blog, but want to start out slow and figure out what it is they want to write. You would be surprise by limiting yourself to write only 1 paragraph you will start to want to write more.

Like any other Internet tool, micro-blogging can be utilized for a number of purposes. While many are social, more pragmatic uses including business applications, also apply.

Individuals can use micro-blogging as a social service to see what their friends are up to, create the tool as educational purposes, as a marketing tool, or just simply stay linked for everyday events. Individuals might also create micro-blogs for staying on top of project assignments within their teams. The quick nature of micro-blogs makes it a good management tool when the success of a project relies on many different people pulling together in a timely fashion.

Professionals can also use this tool for gathering and disseminating bullet-type information to the right groups, such as from a java conference or client meeting. Reporters can use micro-blogging to relay updates to producers and anchors in one fell swoop, and politicians can keep in touch with staff. Staff such as stage, sound engineers and performers could all benefit from being connected via a micro-blog that would keep everyone with the tour abreast of problems as they arise and resources at hand. By using a micro-blog one individual always knows what the other is doing.

Another use of micro-blogging involves increasing site traffic. A popular website blogger might announce updates or teasers to their blog through a micro-blog. An embedded link can take readers directly to the site.

I would recommend when considering this avenue; start off micro-blogging once a week; educate yourself on applications that might help you manage your blogging. Write about things you can sharing knowledge. Make a goal to only write min. 140 words to one paragraph. As you accomplished this task, then increase it to twice a week and then 3 times a week. You’ll find that you want to do more, yes my friends it will grow on you and you’ll love it!

Over 100 micro-blog services reportedly exist as of Spring 2008, with the trend headed upward. Before subscribing to the micro-blog world, be sure your cell phone plan will not put you in the poor house for extended text messaging.

Here are just a few to play with…



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