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Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Our Colleagues in NYC! THANK YOU!

Thirsty for Knowledge

Recruiters, Sourcers, Researchers now more than ever want new and innovative ways to find talented candidates. More than ever, the Recruiting Arm of companies needs to be connected, informed, and provided with “emotional” value of its recruiting efforts.

If information and knowledge are one and the same, then an organization with the best information databases and technology should be the most knowledgeable. Information cannot substitute for knowledge despite the fact that to know is partly to have all the information you can get about something.

This is because knowledge, unlike information, cannot stand alone from the knower – the recruiting function. This means the best information databases and technology systems cannot result in knowledge, unless, and until processed by the recruiter’s, researcher’s, sourcer’s mind.

To motivate employees to collaborate in sharing and creating knowledge, a shift in the way the recruiting organization sees itself is crucial. Recruiting needs to have a strategic shift of vision where it recognizes itself as a knowledge organization. – To be continued