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Thursday, October 6, 2011

“Invent the Future With Qi Lu – Come Join Our Bing Team”

Bing will be hosting a recruiting event in Sydney, Australia the week of December 5 thru 9, 2011 to recruit top talent from all over Australia and neighboring countries and our focus will be:

·         Software Development Engineer (SDE)

·         Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET)

·         Program Managers

·         UX Designers with Portfolios

All experienced levels who are interested in relocating to the U.S. At this time, we are looking to hire for the roles listed below.

To learn more, please send your information and an updated Resume/CV to: The Online Services Division is the driving force behind Microsoft's search and online innovations. Our product portfolio includes: Bing, Bing Mobile, MSN, Ads Platform, and Global Foundation Services. Continue

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why I Am Attending mRecruitingcamp Friday, Sept 30th, 2011


alent sourcing has changed since the1990’s.  Back then the new way to reach talent was through job boards, usergroups, listservs, etc. When I look back I am amazed at how much the staffing industry has changed the way we engage with talent, the NOW terms are social media engagement, brand engagement, and passive engagement.   This has allowed for a new platform that makes the conversation more engaging, the mobile scene.  Now a days it isn’t about waiting for that “perfect” resume; it’s more about how I can connect with someone who is passionate about what they do, and how I can get them to trust me enough to engage in a conversation. I am one who truly loves embracing the obvious NEXT technology to make this happen: Mobile!

I am blown away on how there is hesitation to explore this technology.  Why not maximize mobile to its full potential?  What is the hesitation?  As a sourcer, I rather not sit behind a desk and hope I can find talent.  I want to be learning some of the best tips and tricks from Mobile Industry Leaders on how I can engage, brand and bring in amazing talent by using my mobile phone! Recruiting is more than just resumes, social networks, etc. I know what you are thinking… it’s just another tool to learn, and you don’t have time, but – wait a minute – how much time do you spend on your mobile?  It can’t take that much more time to invest and learn how to streamline your sourcing and recruiting engagement with your mobile!   Mobile allows you to create an instant way to start conversations while you are “on the go”!  I predict that mobile recruiting will become the next art form of conversation! Be sure to use your mobile engagement powers for good, by starting conversations, creating engagement and building relationships with Talent now and in the future! I am really excited to be attending this event and hope that if you are interested in forward thinking, and new ways to use our current technologies to make our engagement practices easier, that you will attend as well!!  Mobile Recruiting is such the obvious! Follow @mrec on twitter! Hope to see you there!

Let’s start the revolution NOW!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diversity In Sourcing and Recruiting: The Truth Behind the Questions That Rarely Get Asked


Diversity is defined by a single word: variety — which basically means different.


But very few people follow up with the question:


 “Different in what way?”  The next question we all want to ask, and don’t, is this: “How and why is diversity important in the workplace?”

We can all agree that we really just need to find the right skill, the right talent for our companies and clients.

But I really want to explore further on why we NEED “different” perspectives. Because…

In my mind, “different” represents areas such as culture, ideas, values, lifestyles, classes, goals, and so forth.

“Different” – and therefore “diverse” – is NOT just about gender and/or skin color. It is so much more than that.

When asking a group of people what they think diversity means – recruiting professionals in particular — the perspective ranges all over the place. In our country alone we have a wide variety of different

cultures, and when we discuss these differences from a recruiting perspective, they are all lumped into one common word, which is diversity. You see what I mean? Read full article here

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Microsoft Advertising Will Be Hosting A Recruiting Trip To Russia / Microsoft Advertising будет проводить вербовку поездки в Россию

Microsoft Advertising will be hosting a recruiting event in mid-October this year to recruit top talent from all over Russia and neighboring countries specifically focusing on Software Developers of all experience levels who are interested in relocating to the U.S. At this time, we are looking to hire engineers for the roles below. ALL roles require strong coding and development experience.

  • Software Development Engineer (SDE)
  • Software Development Engineer II (SDE II)
  • Principal SDE
  • Engineering Leads

If interested – please send your information and Resume/CV to the Recruiter organizing this event: by Wednesday, August 31st. We are focused on broad-based software development skills when considering potential candidates (across the board – no specific technology/product niche requirements). If you are strong in C++, C# or JAVA, we would love to hear from you!

We are looking for strong Software Development Engineers to help us with a number of hard problems in the following areas:

The Advertising Applications Team

Front End Team
Microsoft Advertising is a unified Ad Monetization platform chartered to monetize the web and other mediums (including devices) by delivering the right ads to right customers at the right time. With the migration of Yahoo advertisers, Microsoft Advertising is now the second largest advertising solution in the world. We are going through an aggressive growth cycle and plan to expand to 35 global markets over the next couple of years. As we onboard thousands of Advertisers into our system, we want to build an intuitive user experience that serves both novice and expert advertisers, an experience that is industry leading and raises the bar for end user productivity. We offer a start-up like atmosphere with tremendous opportunities for fresh perspectives.

Middle Tier Team
Excited about architecting a truly scalable and performing public web services APIs and middle-tier web services? Excited about having a revenue impact of billions of dollars and contributing to Microsoft's bottom-line? Excited to work in a team that is fueled by passion, creativity and innovation? If your answer is yes then read on!
AdCenter is the ad based monetization platform for Microsoft online business. We are the application development team responsible for developing applications used by advertisers to create and manage their millions of ad campaigns. Challenges are to engineer a highly performing, secure & scalable customer facing web services and backend services that can support millions of transactions per day. We are looking for someone who has strong coding skill in C# /C++ and ability to solve complex problems. Candidate should demonstrate good understanding in SQL fundamentals, transact-SQL and stored procedures. Experience in design and development of SOA principles based services in an online business will be an added advantage.

Back End Team
We are working to build a world class application platform fuelled by SQL Server and other data processing technologies with unprecedented scale, performance, partitioning and geo distribution with Petabyte size databases. Our OLTP systems have 10K transactions/sec and billions of transactions flowing through the system on a daily basis. You will be working with a highly motivated team on cutting edge software using agile development strategies and rapid release cycles.

The Advertising Delivery Engine Team

The Ad Delivery Platform team owns the online ad tracking and delivery system. This is a real-time platform that hosts data and code for various auction algorithms for advertisers and content publishers, click-fraud, merchant fraud, content classification, categorization, demographics prediction, search patterns. We are storing and managing TBs of information which enables us to run the auction algorithms and choose the best ads out of hundreds of thousands choices. And we do all that in just a few milliseconds, while sustaining tens of thousands of requests per second, with an uptime of 99.9%. In this environment, only the best designs and architecture will cut it. The amount of data we handle demands building, managing and monitoring a distributed system; ensuring the system health in the presence of individual failures. The Ad Delivery Engine runs 24/7/365.

The Revenue and Relevance Team

Do you want to work on technology at the heart of online monetization? The Revenue and Relevance team is looking for skilled developers- in particular, someone who has deep knowledge of large-scale data mining, machine learning, and/or quantitative analytics for online systems. As an engineer on this team, you should be able to translate design ideas into practical implementation in code, and to improve and evolve existing systems. A qualified candidate should have a degree in computer science, math, or a statistics degree and experience with software systems and/or applied research in appropriate areas of Computer Science. The algorithms we develop produce the final selection of the ads that are presented to the user upon entering the search query. As such, our algorithms are at the very heart of the Advertising technology that monetizes Bing and Yahoo. Our technology area combines systems, machine learning, data analysis, and economics --- in short, a very technically challenging area. This work makes a direct contribution to Microsoft’s bottom line.

The Business Intelligence Team
The Microsoft Advertising Business Intelligence (BI) team in Online Advertising is responsible for providing our customers with high quality analytics and reporting, giving them vital insights into their search advertising on Bing. The Reporting team within BI delivers the Middle Tier, API, and Reporting UI components that connect Microsoft Advertising BI to our customers. We are focused on providing our customers with a great user experience, a robust Middle Tier and API, and a highly reliable operational system. We work simultaneously on delivering a great product for our customers, improving our engineering processes, and growing our SDE’s skills and abilities.

Microsoft: Online Services Division: Display Advertising Platform

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in software today? Do you want to help Microsoft grow a $2 billion per year business to $5 billion? Interested in developing online services, and being part of an agile development team that ships every week? If so, then we have the right opportunity for you!

The Display Advertising group is…

  • Delivering the technologies running our online display businesses: Atlas Media Console, Microsoft Media Network (MMN), AdManager, RAPT, and AdExpert - which powers the MSN portal and represented partners.
  • Competing in a segment of the online advertising industry that is seeing explosive innovation and increased competition.
  • Poised to make rapid advances in online advertising.
  • Chartered with building the next generation of display advertiser systems.

Our Display Advertising products and services:

  • Are responsible for monetizing both internal (MSN, Hotmail, MSNBC, etc.) as well as 3rd party display properties.
  • Handle 700+ billion monthly ad requests across globally dispersed data centers
  • Deliver over $2 billion in annual advertising revenue.

If you would be so kind to share this information if you know those who will be interested to learn more!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Want A Mellow Seattle 4th of July Fireworks Viewing Spot!


With the HUGE Family 4th at Lake Union which has become one and only large-scale Fourth of July fireworks show in Seattle; not to mention an EVEN  larger transportation/parking/people nightmare and while obviously thousands of people don’t mind huge crowds, if you’re like me with small kids and looking for a less crowded and much quieter spot to view fireworks you might consider viewing the city of Kirkland’s fireworks

We discovered Warren G. Magnuson Park on Sandpoint Way in northeast Seattle is directly across Lake Washington from Kirkland and offers a terrific view of fireworks that’s comparable to watching the Gasworks fireworks from the south end of Lake Union. They aren’t right overhead, but families with young children who are frightened by big displays often find it’s exactly the right distance for the tots. Kirkland also puts on a good show and promises an extra special finale this year.

Magnuson Park has plenty of parking spots even with the construction going on to improve the park, and if you want to make a day of it, there’s a lifeguard stationed at the swimming beach and plenty of places for a picnic. The park stays open until 11:30 pm and the Kirkland fireworks start at 9:00 pm.

The Bonus  of a lakeside viewpoint is that Magnuson is situated to see small fireworks displays all up and down Lake Washington and despite the bans many communities put on personal fireworks, there are a lot of small displays ringing the lake. It’s pretty spectacular.

We'll be heading down around 7 for an evening of fun! Maybe we'll see you there! 

Happy Fourth! The Kelison Family

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Is My Therapy!

The most important thing you can do when you're feeling so heavy, stress, worries, sadness and anger by almost anything in your everyday life is to find some kind outlet to pour out all your heartaches. There are many forms of letting all your fears drift away. One of these is art therapy.

Art therapy is about self-healing through the transformation of negative vibes through self-expression in painting and or other artful forms. This type of therapy is what I use to ignite both the creation of my art and the healing of my emotions. This helps me release all the negative thoughts through painting and honestly has been my only way to heal.

As you view my paintings they reflect how I felt at the moment of creation; its my way of expressing ways I can’t find words. Most can easily identify my feelings on a certain works by viewing my paintings.

Art therapy can help many understand the meaning of life and how we must handle it. It somehow shows the inner you, your artistic sense, your personality and character and your general outlook in life. The art that you have produced is the symbolism of the real you as a whole.

I am a self-healer while expressing all my hidden thoughts and desires. It is here that I can pour out my worries, opinions and undertakings. Painting for me is a form of art that has enhanced my personal growth and help me to pursue the life the way I have chosen. It is also a form that helped me appreciate myself and has given me a certain confidence within myself.

With this said it is also important to have someone to support you. The human touch can integrate with one's growth and development. "No (wo)man is an island" as the popular saying goes. I can connect with others through my paintings and their meanings.

For me, art therapy is has been very beneficial in my desires to change the way my life runs. The life YOU want can be achieved depending on how you look at it. It solely depends on how you tackle your life. It is a matter of choices you make.

I am proud to be the executive producer of KaDa Films. I encourage you to visit our web site and participate in our Silent Art Auction on April 18th thru April 25th and help us develop our independent film about love, art, and healing.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It’s Not Called “net-sit” or “net-eat”, It’s Called “net-work” – by Kay Kelison



What gives you warm fuzzies? Do you appreciate the value of the social network that you are creating around you? More than the warm fuzzies; do you realize many other benefits that you give when you’re involve with networking opportunities in the communities? They are endless and exist everywhere.

Newsflash: I’m not just talking about “social networks” in the digital form. I’m talking about helping out those who need your help, joining an organization, or simply stopping by that next Tweet-up event. It will be time well spent.

If you are currently looking for work as well, it can serve as another way to connect with potential employers or to build new relationships with individuals that can help you with your job search. It would be a good time to learn new skills or enhance skills you already have. Use it as a resume builder. It’s perfectly acceptable to list societies and affiliations on your resume. You may have a mentor that can serve as a great professional or personal reference as well. Choose an organization around which you have a passion. Your hours could lead to a permanent, paid position with the organization or those that see your work valuable. For example, if you are seeking work as an engineer, offer your time as an engineer and work on their website. Hiring managers look for talent that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and are willing to go above and beyond the expected.

More and more employers are recognizing the value of in-person networking. Like Microsoft, we are encouraged as employees to become more involved in organizations and volunteer our time to give back to our local community. And since it is essential that businesses be a responsible corporate citizen, employees who are more willing to give of their personal time are highly valued. Naturally there are benefits to the employer by this kind of involvement; however, there are also direct benefits to the employees as well. This allows you to develop new relationships or advance your career as well as just enjoying the fun of networking.

There are a ton of networking groups you can become involved with, depending on your available time, interests, desired benefits, and willingness to be involved. Most choose to join an organization that is connected to their profession. These groups offer professional development and other tangible in-person benefits as well as online resources such as blogs or fan pages and the ability to connect with other professionals.

Other forms of networking opportunities include the more casual contact groups, such as a local special interest groups or meet-ups, etc. These groups offer participants an opportunity to meet other community members with similar interests. They may host and offer special programs to you as a member or the social opportunity to meet other like people on a more casual level. These groups are always looking for volunteers to serve on committees, provide leadership opportunities and unlimited business contacts.

These groups casual or professional can give you the ability to give something back to your community while making valuable contacts. These groups are often nationally or internationally based, but they have direct local benefits, with members giving back to their communities through volunteer projects or monetary support. They meet regularly, both creating friendships and building business relationships.

Some networks may target a specific age or gender groups, just as young professionals or women’s business organizations. Despite how great all these networking opportunities may sound, some people will struggle to find the time to attend regular meetings or meet the requirements of the organization. There are still many ways to network outside of these structured organizations. Volunteer at your church, your child’s school; join a local low key club. These will benefit your family as well as your career by building bonds and making invaluable connections. Non-profits are always seeking volunteers – offer a few hours of your time to your favorite cause such as the American Cancer Society or Girl Scouts. Your child’s group leader may be your potential future employer.

If you are serious about developing your social network, there are no quick fixes: you must go out get involved and meet people that could be your boss, co-worker or reference. Don’t let chance decide where you would like to spend your time and efforts. Give back, take your time and choose an organization or group that will provide the desired benefits, for the time you want to offer. No matter what group you end up participating in – because it’s not called “net-sit” or “net-eat”, it’s called “net-work”. You must ‘be engaged’ be a contributor, not just a joiner. Be engaged – offer your experience, skills and talents to those you associate with. You WILL meet new friends, strengthen your personal and professional as well as provide a means to grow your relationships.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Automatic reply: [kaykel] Re: Meet Me In St Louis!

I am out of the office with from Mon 3/14/2011 through 3/18/2011. I will respond to emails at my first available opportunity. If you have an immediate need that can't wait, please contact our team alias


Kay Kelison

Diversity Program Manager

To Know Me is To Follow Me

Twitter: Jaxx_Magee

Facebook: kaykel


FBFan: Diversity@Microsoft


I Blog

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Meet Me In St Louis!

Microsoft’s Online Services Division (OSD/BING) will be attending NSBE’s 37th Annual Convention held on March 23-27 in St. Louis, MO.  Our booth is located at #908 from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 24th and Friday, March 25th.  Microsoft and OSD truly believe that we can only perform at our best if we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment.  Diversity enriches our products and performance by reflecting the needs and ideas of our increasingly global and diverse community.  Stop by our booth and say “Hello!”  If you don’t want to wait in-line, send email your resume to and I will send it to the team!  We are seeking talented Software Development Engineers in Test, Program Managers and Analysts to name just a few of the many positions we have open in OSD. Join the community and get engaged!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Networking Event Hosted By Microsoft Windows and Windows Live Leaders! For Technology Professionals In Atlanta, Georgia on April 14th, 2011!


Come network and have some awesome conversations with senior leaders from Windows and Widows Live Teams! If you are a marketing, hardware or software professional in the technology industry and would like to join us for this exciting event, please reply to as soon as possible.  Tell them Kay Kelison sent you! This is a limited invite event, so please contact them as soon as possible with as much detail as you can about your technology background, interests, and technology focus or better yet a resume will get better attention. 

They will follow up with your invitation status and particulars about the venue, guest speakers and other additions to the evening if you are able to join us.

Thank you for your interest in attending our Atlanta Networking Event and feel free to share with other colleagues and friends as you see fit! Let’s connect and learn from each other!

Please learn more about the Microsoft Windows Team Network Event and join the Microsoft Talent Network please visit

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mobile: The Next Recruiting Revolution for 2011 - By Kay

Our world of sourcing/researching/recruiting is much more complicated these days than it used to be. As staffing consultants, you can’t just post an opportunity on job boards and wait for candidates to come – although some “old-schoolers” still do! (you know who you are) As technologies (Internet and mobile) are taking off, we in the staffing industry really need accept how recruiting is quite similar to a marketing campaign. Social media has forced us to think outside of our comfort areas and to go to the talent instead of them coming to us. These tools have really revolutionized the way we recruit and have helped us leverage engagement and community messaging in order to reach active and passive diverse talent. Our recruiting strategies won’t be as straightforward as before. Whether or not you want to accept it, our industry is changing. When I think of where we will be after we master the areas of social media – and some sourcers are already ahead of the curve – my prediction is that mobile recruiting will be our next natural phase of direct engagement. We will extend our company’s or our client’s brand value in the mobile space and markets our jobs through apps and reaches the individual by a ping. Think about how many people look at their phone when they hear an alert sound – I’ll bet you do as well. Read more….

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