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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wanted to share that Carmen Hudson and I had an awsome time being guest speakers at the Zoo this evening! Thank you Woodland Zoo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anyone up for doing a Iron Chef with me? Only in Seattle?
Is it me or just my lust for the young Elvis, thats right this lesbo loves Elvis... but one of the American Idols likes like him

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Beautiful Boys, just a side note

As lesbian mothers of two wonderful sons, we want them to:

Be Gentle and yet  Be Strong.

Be Kind and yet Be Smart.

Be Loving and yet Be Funny.


Then we see these photos and think right on track! J



We love being moms of two beautiful Sons.


Just wanted to share…..



Kay and Mary Cay Kelison

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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If so, please email me and we can schedule some time to talk
Looking to write a play and possible a script but would love to collaborate with someone who can write and who enjoys coffee and is creative

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just have your tissues handy. This doesnt need much of intro.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We(Deacon,Chase,Dewy,Finn) had the best playdate ever!! Oh our Moms had some fun too! Thank you for an awesome day! Let's do it again soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thinks the she has angels around her! Things are happening in lightening speed :0) hold on tight Y-A-H-O-O it's fantastic!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the market for a new role?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch out world Kay has a espresso machine!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Working on a facebook fan page for Microsoft Advertising. If you dont know who is Microsoft Advertising click

To Judge or Not to Judge



I read an article{885560B4-7672-481C-AE84-9AFE18AF9F70}&siteid=rss  which made me want to respond t in a proactive way…so here it goes. In my opinion, as a recruiting industry we should start having such conversations on how to approach social networks in a responsible way. As humans, it is a natural reaction to pass judgments, but as professionals in roles such as human resource, recruiters/sourcers, and hiring managers, it...  Read More’s our job not to pass judgment based on ethnic background, age, religion, sex, etc. We have to remember that these are open social networks and that we should NOT be judging them based on the above info or even photos that might have been taken back in the college days. I strongly believe it is also a HUGE mistake not to use social networks as part of your sourcing strategies with stats like this, but strongly believe that we need to have constant conversations to welcome these tools which is becoming the way of communications.




Facebook 1st  


More than 68 million active users
An average of 250,000 new registrations per day since Jan. 2007
An average of 3% weekly growth since Jan. 2007
Active users doubling every 6 month

More than half of Facebook users are outside of college

The fastest growing demographic is those 30 years old and older

Maintain 85 percent market share of 4-year U.S. universities

More Reason

More than 850 million photos uploaded to the site each month

More than 5 million videos uploaded each month

·         More than 24 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each month

·         More than 20 million active user groups exist on the site



MySpace 2nd

MySpace the 2nd  largest Social Network in North America maintains a dominant position as media site, primarily aimed at youth, giving them the opportunity to relate to brands and bands, as well as self-express. This site will continue to do with advertisers and marketers. Expect to see more TV and video networks to integrate and work with MySpace, who has the new generation that Generation X was to MTV

MySpace has more than 58 million monthly active users around the globe

85% of MySpace users are of voting age (18 or older)

An average 300,000 new people sign up to MySpace every day

MySpace is one of the fastest growing websites of all time



1,111,991,000 - number of Tweets to date

3,000,000 - number of Tweets/day

86,078 - number of followers of the most active Twitter user

63% - percentage of Twitter users that are male



LinkedIn 5th

LinkedIn saw record traffic in September 2008 with 30.1M unique visitors, up more than 10% from August (10.8M) and a gain of 193% since last year.


Not All Social Network Users Alike – Four Types of LinkedIn Users – Which Type are you?


1.     “Savvy Networkers” (est. 9 million) are likely to have started using social networking earlier than others, are more tech savvy, and more likely to be active on other SNS sites like Facebook,Twitter, MySpace, etc.

Savvy Networkers have the most connections (61 on average) and are more likely than other segments to use LinkedIn for a wide variety of purposes other than job searching. Savvy Networkers have the second highest average personal income ($93,500) and may often have the word “Consultant” in their job description.

2.     “Senior Executives” (est. 8.4 million) are somewhat less tech savvy and is using LinkedIn to connect to their existing corporate networks. They have power jobs which they are quite content with, and are likely to have been invited by a colleague and then realized how many key contacts were on the site and started building connections (32 on average).  Senior Executives have the highest average personal income ($104,000) and have titles such as Owner, Partner, Executive, or Associate.

3.     “Late Adopters” (est. 6.6 million) are likely to have received numerous requests from friends and co-workers before deciding to join. They are somewhat less tech savvy and are careful in how they use LinkedIn, tending to connect only to close friends and colleagues and have the fewest number of connections (23 on average).  Late Adopters have the lowest average personal income ($88,000) and have titles such as Teacher, Medical Professional, Lawyer, or the word “Account” or “Assistant” in their job description.

4.     “Exploring Options” (est. 6.1 million) may be working, but are open and looking for other job options often on, perhaps in part because they have the lowest average personal income ($87,500). They are fairly tech savvy and use SNS for both corporate and personal interests.


I think it’s how we (recruiting) conducts ourselves on these incredible resources. I don’t know about you, but a good recruiting would know how to use these incredible resources and utilize them in a very pro-active creative ways. Please know I am only responding to the article that was shared and wanted to encourage people to have conversations around this. It is up to you how you do your job. Cheers




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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just watch the Great Debaters an awesome film to see!
Wanted to share with everyone that my sister-in-law just delivered their 1st child. 7lbs4oz Samantha Brynn Elliott. Can't wait to meet her!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love Simon! He is going to have fun. And I am pretty sure Tatiana,will will drive me nuts! Kristen is my favorite so far! On American Idol
Ok I am back in love with American Idol!
So far girls are ahead. Girls Rule!

How to Protect Yourself on Social Networking Sites

When training others on the power of social networking, I am often asked about privacy and protecting oneself while on these sites. This is a great question as one’s social network grows at an accelerated rate. It is important to know that sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter are watching any unusual activities, profiles and content. They remove any offenders right away. If something is reported they will conduct an investigation of that profile.

Have you done an Internet search on your name lately? Any public information about you is relatively easy for any researcher to find. By contrast, you have control over the information you share on Social Network sites. So relax and explore. I encourage you to have fun in this amazing new world. Share this with your kids, friends, and colleagues they may be using these sights, the more we share the knowledge, the more we have the power.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Step 1.

If you choose to sign up for an account on a social networking site you are exposing yourself to people. Your decision to sign up for the site (to reconnect with high school friends or to network with potential employers) may be a great one, but you have still exposed your life to anyone who wants to see. One option is to set your profile to private, which many sites allow you to do. By doing this, however, a person has to be your "friend" on the site in order for them to view your information. If you are networking and want people to find out about you, this may not be the best option.


Screen the people who request to be your friend. Do you know them? If not, why are they asking? Don't think you have to say yes to everyone because you want a lot of friends, that could lead to a lot of trouble. On some sites you are able to send a message to them without becoming friends, so do that first if you feel comfortable enough to...why do they want to be your friend? There is so much talk about children online and predators searching for them, but there are also the predators who may be searching for something else. It's never a bad idea to be cautious and thorough when accepting friend requests.


Don't put up a lot of personal stuff. It's fine to put up your relationship status and things of that sort, but including an address, phone number, occupation, even your name, is sometimes NOT a smart thing to do. This just makes it easier for those potential predators to track you down if they want to. Most social networking sites have an "About Me" section and that is where you usually say a little about yourself. Include the basics, maybe you have to say what you do for a living in order to network with people, but don't reveal too much.


Including photos of yourself is OK, professional ones are best, maybe a few with friends, but don't include racy photos of yourself, it just makes you more of a target then another person.


The final thing to do is make sure your account is secure. There are hackers that will break into account after account and steal personal things. If you notice that your account has been hacked, change passwords immediately.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Great conversations going on and very positive and concerns pro-active. Amazing how little people know about social network.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American idol is gonna rock!!!! With the 4th and the new coaches!!! A Barry? What?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wanting to let those Who are tagging me to write "25 Random Things About? On FB, I will, please stop selecting me on your friends list!

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