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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How To Keep Track Of Your Social Networks and More



There are so many reason why people do not actively participate in the world of social networking arena; lack of time, too many to choices, and lack of understanding how to use them.

Most folks usually participate with enthusiasm on some of them and ignore the others. Moreover, when you walk through LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, you really don’t have that much time and frankly patience for the rest of them.

So, I thought I would make a few suggestions on how to handle and keep track of most of the social networking sites that could keep you up-to-date

  1. RSS Feeds makes it really simple. Most of social networking sites do provide RSS feeds and it is easy to keep track in your usual RSS reader, rather than log in and read the updates on the networking sites. You just need to subscribe the feeds of people you want to know the updates for say in Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or Twitter. In your RSS reader, you can read the status messages and you can choose on which updates you want to respond for. Yes, to respond to conversations, you do have to go to the social networking site and submit. But, in RSS reader you really can choose to what updates or conservations you need to respond and you can keep yourself updated.
  2. Setting the email or SMS notifications makes it short. Social media sites do provide email notifications and options to which you can select to receive email for. Set the options for which you want to receive email. You will be periodically updated through the emails. And I guess you really check your emails regularly. Twitter has a very good option to have an SMS sent to your mobile phone. Select the important ones and have the SMS option enabled to receive your important peoples’ tweets on your mobile.
  3. ONE SNAP UPDATES. Update your status on most of the networking sites at a time. There are a number of applications and services available that allows you to update the status of more than one social networking site at one go. Update only once in this application and it is updated at most of the networking sites at the same time.  a very awesome tool to use. In the website, you can send status messages via mobile phone, IMs like MSN, AOL, Yahoo or GTalk and any of the networking sites itself. In turn this site post the status update message on various networking sites (about 30+ sites) in one snap. Pretty darn cool.

I would not suggest having your accounts everywhere and keeping updating them individually, no fun, it’s time consuming and you’ll lose sight of the whole purpose of social networking. I would suggest choosing which ones you feel your like-minded network is and participate enthusiastically and strategically. Social Networking is only going to work for you as much as what you put into it. Yes, this means you still have to work at, but at least this suggestion is just a smart, effective and efficient way to get involve! As I feel, whatever time you spent on these networking sites should be productive and useful to you and others as well.



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