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Monday, July 4, 2011

Want A Mellow Seattle 4th of July Fireworks Viewing Spot!


With the HUGE Family 4th at Lake Union which has become one and only large-scale Fourth of July fireworks show in Seattle; not to mention an EVEN  larger transportation/parking/people nightmare and while obviously thousands of people don’t mind huge crowds, if you’re like me with small kids and looking for a less crowded and much quieter spot to view fireworks you might consider viewing the city of Kirkland’s fireworks

We discovered Warren G. Magnuson Park on Sandpoint Way in northeast Seattle is directly across Lake Washington from Kirkland and offers a terrific view of fireworks that’s comparable to watching the Gasworks fireworks from the south end of Lake Union. They aren’t right overhead, but families with young children who are frightened by big displays often find it’s exactly the right distance for the tots. Kirkland also puts on a good show and promises an extra special finale this year.

Magnuson Park has plenty of parking spots even with the construction going on to improve the park, and if you want to make a day of it, there’s a lifeguard stationed at the swimming beach and plenty of places for a picnic. The park stays open until 11:30 pm and the Kirkland fireworks start at 9:00 pm.

The Bonus  of a lakeside viewpoint is that Magnuson is situated to see small fireworks displays all up and down Lake Washington and despite the bans many communities put on personal fireworks, there are a lot of small displays ringing the lake. It’s pretty spectacular.

We'll be heading down around 7 for an evening of fun! Maybe we'll see you there! 

Happy Fourth! The Kelison Family

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