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Friday, May 7, 2010

Social Influences Gets Real

The Internet has fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another. There is a growing demand for the ability to connect to others in a more humanistic way by using the leading tools in social media and not allow the tools to do all the socializing. In order to function, we need to encourage social exchanges and social influences due to faster rates technological changes. Social Influences is how we can start working and sharing our knowledge to become better champions. Companies should focus on enabling champions to produce results by supporting learning through social networks. Trusted relationships are powerful in getting things done in our different work forces. It’s the trust that is essential of social influence. Just because we have the technical networks does not mean that learning will automatically happen. Our communications without trust is just noise, not accepted and never taken serious. Let’s look at how we can create, change our social influences with the base of trust on how we can share the knowledge as staffing professionals.

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