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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Facebook Pet Hates

I will be posting my friend’s blog occasionally here to share his insights and wisdom! He is someone to definitely follow on twitter, facebook, linkedin and of course his blog!   

About Aren Grimshaw

"My Friend, Aren lives in UK, where he trains and advises small to medium businesses (SMBs), public bodies and charities on getting the most from Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He has worked with a wide range of organizations in his region and trained more than 700 businesses in the effective use of Social Media. "

Earlier today I must admit I lost my cool for a few moments and published three status updates over the course of a minute outlining my three top ‘Facebook Pet Hates’. This quick run of updates followed a conversation with someone in Starbucks who told me that one company, responsible for many abuses on behalf of themselves and their clients, was now offering help and support to their clients in this area.

Copied in below is the three updates posted over Facebook for anyone not already connected to me on the platform to read. If you or your company have been advised to follow any of the techniques or practices listed below can I suggest you re-evaluate your relationship with them and look elsewhere for advice – they aren’t doing you any favors!

Facebook Pet Hate No. 1: Companies using personal profiles for their business on Facebook.
..that’s what Facebook Pages are for. It’s against the Facebook Rights and Responsibilities to do it (4.4 Registration and Account Security -You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain), provides no opportunity to measure interactions / other statistics needed to measure effectiveness and should it get ’suspended’ you lose all your hard efforts to date.

Facebook Pet Hate No. 2: Companies talking relentlessly about own achievements or brand.
Facebook’s a ’social’ platform, not a broadcast medium. You’re competing with 5bn bits of content per week & 60m+ updates on Facebook alone – occasional updates to highlight your work are fine but if the only one talking about you is you, you’re doing something wrong! Aim to connect, build a conversation, trigger debate but please don’t broadcast at me.

FB Pet Hate No. 3: Companies setting up Facebook Pages, Groups or Pages just because the competition does.
If you don’t know what you’re aiming to achieve by being on Facebook or understand the potential return, how will you know if it’s a success? Lack of result & giving up will follow – leading many to say there is no business benefit in being on Facebook.

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