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Sunday, April 5, 2009


“I Didn’t Give It My Personal Touch” -yellow

Personalize your profiles on all your Social Networks, it really for your followers who can get a glimpse of your tastes by viewing your profile! It’s VITAL to builds trust, loyalty and engagement with your followers.

* Upload your picture

* Say something about you in one line bio (160 or less)

* Update your location, time zone

* Link your about page to a “more info” url or if you have a TWIITTER

Use custom background if you are not good with designing consider using one of this services Twitterbacks <> , Twitbacks <> , or TwitterImage <>

“Why Leverage My Other Social Networking Profiles”-yellow

If you have other social profiles like LinkedIn, MySpace or Facebook, use it to promote your Twitter profile, add it to your email and forum signature, if you do have blog link to your Twitter from about and contact page, add your Twitter link in your subscriber widget.

“I Follow Big-shots on Twitter Only”-yellow

Your success on Twitter depends on whom you follow, don’t look for quantities insist for quality, don’t follow people based on their follower counts, follow insightful and interesting people for significant conversations. If you can’t determine whom to follow use Twitter suggestion services like service like Mr. Tweet.

“I ONLY Tweet of Who I AM” - yellow

If you want to be Pro Twitter, maintain good balance between recommending content others have written and promoting your own posts. Don’t be self obsessed, add value to your network of twitter, and make someone famous.

“I Never Reciprocate”-yellow

Follow everyone that follows you, having more followers adds to the community and the discussion, join the conversation, And it’s polite to follow back. Answer questions, discuss heated topics, reply to interesting tweets from your followers, or people you follow, send a thank you note if someone send you something unique and useful.

“I Don’t Want To Annoy My Followers” -yellow

Don’t be a bot. Give your tweets a human touch, don’t use automated direct messages created by the software. Don’t overwhelm your followers with hundreds of useless tweets, don’t just promote your products, services or retweet links in which you are mentioned.

Using Twitter as effective marketing tool is challenging, but it’s rewarding beyond your imagination, use it well and use it often.

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