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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The HRUndercover initiative was launched in 2009 by Suzanne Elshult and Shan Koenig, both seasoned human resources executives who are brilliant masterminds in creating this blog. A blog that collects candid stories from HR professionals in the workplace and then stories are submitted anonymously in a secured area of this site, and to date, cover the spectrum from greed, envy, and lust to stories of heart and social responsibility….


This is one of the most original HR blogs out there and best piece! It’s turning HR which usually all about rules and policies, but giving back the “Human” part back into “ Human Resources. We are all need a place to express, improve, laugh, learn, and GOD a place to vent.

Why participate? Well why not? Come on …. you know you want too….. no one will ever know J


1.       It feels so good to get it off your chest, without compromising confidentiality. It’s cathartic, really!

2.       We know HR people sometimes have to deal with situations more checkered than a red and   white table cloth, and some just as tacky. Ahh, but those situations do make HR work more interesting - don’t you think?

3.       We also know there are people out there making a real difference for the good. We love hearing those stories. They represent hope for the future.

4.       Become a part of a better future workplace by being a part of a community that is committed to learning from the past and propelling positive change. Yes we can.

***Note – when you submit a story, you remain anonymous. While we want true stories, we do not want real names of companies or people or any information that would compromise the anonymity of those involved.




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