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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Reasons Why To Use Your Real Name On Twitter

If you search the Twitter world you will find Tweeps with huge amounts of different Twitter (handles) @names; many which are totally unrelated to the Tweeter’s real name.  No matter whether your Twitter account is a business account, personal account or brand account; you should definitely use your real name, real business name or real brand name as your Twitter @name. This will give you validation and value to fellow tweeters.

10    Reasons Why You Should Use Your Real Name On Twitter

1.     It will be simple and easy to locate you in the “Find People” search tool on Twitter homepage;       Remember - Keep It Simple.

2.     Similar to the boom, you don’t want to miss the squatters right to your entitled property; meaning you’re entitled Twitter name.

3.     You don’t want to be like a friend of mine whose name was secured by a stripper w/ the same name.

4.     Twitter is becoming a totally mainstream and a household name; you want to make sure your real name is part of the Twousehold.

5.     No one really understands people’s cool names like: @mrbigshotguru  @vampirefangs  @housewifeofOC  @itweetamunch  @Sexymama…

6.     If someone is trying to follow your business’ tweets and you have some obscure name, you’ll miss an opportunity to have a virally connected customer and quality conversations.

7.     It’s easier for people to retweet you, mention you and make reference to connecting with you.

8.     You don’t want to find yourself saying coulda, shoulda, woulda… but you never dida!

9.     The President of The United States @BarackObama uses his real name!

10.  It’s practical and it just makes good Twense!

The bottom line is that you are missing out on a great opportunity to stay ahead of the Twurve by securing your real name.  If your Twitter username is already taken, try securing your name with an underscore between your first and last name, or some combination of your real name. Something to think about when learning this awesome communication tool, as you build your followers, you’re gonna what people to remember your @name, @brand, etc.

Cheers –

Kay Kelison

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