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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Web Designer or Developer Needed

I have a friend who is looking for a Web Designer or Developer Needed – If interested, please reach out to Karen directly her contact is listed at the end of post.

We are looking for a talented developer to join our early stage startup and to round out our development team. We have created an on demand education website with a focus on the employment industry.  We will be working with the Government Agencies providing mandatory training -We have developed a strong list of trainers and supporters for the affiliate site, now we just need to get that page going with your help and input! The Beta Site is already launched with a strong following and consistent traffic and we have a Database of over 180K members.  But we need someone that can help us succeed to take it to a higher level, beyond where it is today.  We also need someone who can help us with the Minor Tweaks, helping get the bugs out – Helping with updates and downloads when necessary! And minor programming.  With an addition of a few other components that will help enhance the user experience


This is not a job offering or an internship! You will be an official co-founder  With responsibility in return for tiered equity compensation. You will not be expected to work daily, or even monthly.  You will not even be expected to help with continual maintenance of the site.. This will be an as needed opportunity with light programming.  Seeking strong experience in the following areas: online customer acquisition, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and customer acquisition. Service positioning, website usability, user-generated content applications, and top-notch social web applications, applications/sites with personalization features. Less than a couple hours a month


Crazy good programming skills

An entrepreneurial spirit

Experience with open-source CMS, especially Joomla









1-3 years of web development experience

1-3 years programming experience.

Entrepreneurial spirit.

Motivation to make an impact immediately.

If you are interested please

(a)   Please email me your resume or pointer to your bio/profile along with relevant examples of your work.

(b)   let us know why this opportunity interests you

Compensation will be an early stake equity position.

Warmest Regards

TEL   858-668-3111  



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