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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Total Recruiting Symposium: Seattle

Do you keep reading about great recruiting and sourcing industry conferences and wondered if they'd ever bring those world-class presenters and best practices to Washington? That way, you wouldn't have to deal with the costs and lost travel time. Not a webinar, but a real, in-person event. Well, it's finally here: the Seattle Total Recruiting Symposium.

What Will You Learn? Sourcing and Recruiting from Top to Bottom.

Join us for the only learning event that explores sourcing and recruiting strategy from the executive perspective, the management perspective and the individual contributor perspective. Learn the synergy between Internet and telephone sourcing methods working together to solve real, live, challenging requisitions. Get strategic insights and best practices to create an in-house research function for your organization. Learn more about this and other Total Recruiting Symposium events, and register today at:

Who Should Attend?

- Executives interested in forging a strategic connection between workforce planning and excellence in the recruiting and sourcing function.

- HR, Staffing and Recruiting Managers working to prioritize their sourcing and recruiting efforts.

- Sourcers and Recruiters hungry for professional development and information about tools and techniques that really work.

Place and Time

Starbucks Pacific NW / Seattle, WA April 6, 2010

Tue, 04/06/2010 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Symposium Timezone: US/Pacific

Shally is offering my colleagues from Microsoft, Amazon, Providence, actually anyone who likes me J this discount code: [SYM4610NWRA] (or write back to Shally @ about group rates). Simply enter that code at checkout and save $400 off registration at

Shally also writes a blog post about this event here: He would love to know what you think about all this. Drop me or him a note and let us know or leave a comment on his  blog. Or just drop him a note if you have any questions, he would love to hear back from you!

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