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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Simplicity Is Beautiful


Gone are the funky pixel fonts, over the top headers and forever loading times. They’ve been replaced by simple, easy on the eyes, and easy to use web interfaces. The new ‘effective” is definitely simplicity with focus on good content, and ”TWEETAJOB” is that and a bag of chips!.

TWEETAJOB  has a simple and effective web design which gives the accomplishment of a few important things:

You want to stay longer and play! On average, visitors stay on the same page for about 90 seconds (maybe shorter).  So, within the first 90 seconds, it’s important to capture the visitor’s attention. TWEETAJOB does that! Their content captures not only the reader’s attention, but it engages the reader as well.  Sure they could use pretty flash intro, but why?  Sorry my friends, but nifty flash headers are unnecessary distractions (especially the ones that could induce a seizure, but let’s not talk about those)


Much Easier Code and Clean Design as most designers and coders of sites, you’d rather create a simple and effective website for a client instead of a complex one; TWEETAJOB is providing this! The time invested in creating their slick, clean, color pleasing intro is just phenomenal.

TWEETAJOB  allows the user to focus on their content and the ease of using it, please appreciate the simplicity!  Let’s reference back to those near seizure-inducing animations. Have you ever tried to read something on a site, only to find that you can’t concentrate on the content because of its surroundings, and that you had to copy and paste the content into Notepad just to read it? You hear what I am saying?

Loads faster there’s no doubting that less images, less flash and more reusable graphics help in optimizing load times, TWEETAJOB has done this!  You don’t want thirty seconds for a page to load… well do you?

As a huge fan of TWEETAJOB and a recruiter who is always looking for ways to connect to top talent that on the cutting edge of technology, this is one resource worth is giving two thumbs up   

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