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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JobBlog = Getting a Job = Leaving Your Mark!

Employees have been fired when their employer misunderstands their blog posts as sharing confidential information, making inappropriate comments about the company, or both. Posting company news, pictures, and even making positive comments about a company have cost bloggers their jobs.  When considering writing blog and you know you might be writing things about your company, you should ask “what are the rules of engagement” when writing a blog. You may find no rules, but at least you brought it their attention and be sure to ask in writing so you can have it if any concerns come up.

Just think about it when you are creating a blog.

Job Search Blogging

What about job seekers? Can having a blog, a personal web site, or an account on a social networking site impact your job search, for better or for worse? It could. One blogger posted recently that she lies in interviews and that she copies other resumes to match the opportunity. Seriously this kind of behavior wouldn't thrill a prospective employer if they knew about it. Another job seeker's blog mentions that he loves to party all night, drinks ALOT on a regular basis, and steals on occasion again not a profile that would thrill most employers. We all talk about how social networking is subjective and that we as recruiters shouldn’t pass judgment on social sites, but I think it is something that we are doing more since social networking is becoming a hot topic and if I was a candidate looking for my next job, I would think twice on how I behave on my social networks, and still have fun.

Privacy Issues

Should potential employers be reading your personal information? Probably not however, if you put it on the Internet with it readily accessible, well then they can and they might. Some people list their personal web site or blog on their resume and most of us recruiters will look you up on any of the search engines we're interested in knowing more about you as an individual. There's nothing to stop a hiring manager from doing the same, especially tech companies.

If it's on your resume, the employer will look at it guaranteed! Hiring managers are more and more looking closely to what you have out there on the internet. Especially if you have a web site if it's listed, come on now you have to know that? Some managers go as far as to find out as much about a candidate as she could, including looking up the person online before your initial phone call.  Your image speaks in volumes then just your resume these days.

Even if you don’t put your web, blog, and profile on your resume, they will do a quick search via web and most cases they will find something about you. Remember your info which contains information on your real identity, the people you least expect, and those that you certainly don't want reading it, may find it.         Not only your boss and prospective employers, but, also your customers, colleagues and coworkers!

How to Blog Smart

BusinessWeek has information on how to blog safely and how to blog without getting fired. I will be writing about it as blog next week as well. The suggestions include blogging anonymously, making your blog not searchable, limiting who can read your blog, and, when employed, focusing your blog on protected topics or what you can share to educate people of who you are which can't get you fired for writing about that. However, if you aren’t happy in your job, maybe its best that you don’t blog! With the social media is everywhere and these are hot topics, you can pretty much guaranteed that someone is reading your blog from your workplace.

Read Job Search Blogs

There are many blogs dedicated to job searching and career building. Jobprofiles has the 100 best job search blogs for your job search. Read these on a regular basis, review the advice that is offered, and pick up tips that will aid your job search.  Blogging can become a statement of who you are, but, don't let that statement change your employment possibilities. Keep on blogging, but, blog smart, securely and respectful, so your current or future career opportunities aren't jeopardized but MAXIMIZED of your true self!

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