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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Things I Learned About The 140TC The Twitter Conference

I was really excited to discover that there was a conference on just TWITTER!

10 Things I learned….

  1. Deep, Geeky and all who favor color Teal
  2. Metrics, Metrics and oh yea. More Metrics
  3. Some really cool Twitter Apps in the making
  4. Self promoting, Sharing knowledge, Self promoting
  5. Spamming vs Sharing Info
  6. Not a lot of sharing on Building the Social Communities Organically
  7. A lot of on How Too’s …. Here let me show you my app to get you there
  8. How to get follower’s and market them
  9. It’s Beta
  10. We’re are in a exponential growth

Now, I asked myself, what is it that makes me a “tweeter” and a huge fan of Twitter. Well it has given me the power to share my knowledge, grow my knowledge, take the power and share with those who need the knowledge and still it gives me a place that I can be deep, geeky, and of course love the color teal, gives me tools to measure (not my favorite, but understand the need, just not my focus)

Excited about new apps coming my way, how to self promote and share the knowledge, clarity on what it is spam and what to share so its not spam, that

We need to have more conversation on keeping social media and networks grassroots and not allow corporate America take over the control, that Twitter has given a inventor,(like me) and others to make their idea become “Beta” and while developing a following we use the phrases “we are in a expendable growth” I am over whelming, confident, and finally feel I have found my calling…. Thanks for following, this isn’t a spam – J


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