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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I Discovered at SourceCon 2008

I recently attended and spoke at SourceCon Conference 2008. SourceCon is a gathering of some of the most talented Sourcers, Researchers, Name Generators and Candidate Developers. We have finally emerging as the new champions to help fight the war for talent. The industry has new hero's who's skills and expertise can no longer be confined to a side track at the national recruiting conferences.We intentionally set out to be different from all the traditional conferences. We wanted a venue where you don't have to feel like you are constantly being pitched and sold on a slide deck or discussion by the latest and greatest.

What I Discovered

I discovered that there are people like me; who want to make change in our world of recruiting and improve the quality that we all strive for. That speaking in public is something I love to do. That knowledge is Power and Sharing is Caring! That the more you share, the more you realize that creativity is my passion and that there are a lot of people who have passion like me. That I don’t have to stay in the box and that the SYNERGY that was being swirling around this conference was unattainable! I am not really one to do a lot of talking, however it is very important to express appreciation when its due! Well, it’s due…

My Shout Outs!

Bryan Reichert
Couldn’t have a better colleague to support, push and encourages me to be the best that I can be. I consider Bryan not only to be an industry colleague, but also a friend. Bryan understands as much as anyone how sourcing functions can benefit recruiting organizations. He is the man! Thank you, Bryan

Marie Journey and Alecia Sullivan
Two very talented and welcoming Sourcers. We became instant friends and they really helped me feel at ease with the presentation. It really makes presenting when you have friends helping you out. Two very smart ladies! Thank you, Marie and Alecia.

Amy Beth Hale
If it wasn’t for Amy, I would be still in the box and because of her encouraging words I have found a voice! Words cannot express. Thank you, Amybeth – You rock!

Leslie O'Connor
Leslie is the founder and President of Search Wizards - a Global Consulting firm that is focused on the development and placement of Sourcing and Recruiting Talent. After being on the front lines and providing some of the best Sourcing talent in the world to an impressive list of client companies - it is a reality that Sourcing has now become a critical differentiator in a company's success - but there are still so many that have yet to build or implement a sourcing strategy. Her belief that Sourcing is changing the Recruiting industry has become a passion. She is the founder of SourceCon . Thank you! Leslie

Jim Stroud
Jim Stroud is a "Searchologist" with an expertise in the full life-cycle placement of Executive and Technical personnel, Recruitment Research and Competitive Intelligence. He has consulted for such companies as Google,Siemens, MCI and a host of start-up companies. He presently serves Microsoft as a Technical Sourcing Consultant and is a regular contributor to Microsoft's Technical Careers Blog. He inspires me to be the best I can be! Thank you, Jim!


Jim Stroud said...

Wow! Thanks for the kudos. I am so flattered.



P.S. I like your "The Spirit" icon. Very cool. Are you anxious to see the movie as well?

S.P.I.D.E.R.S Team - A Web of Knowledge said...

You are very welcome! Yes I am so excited to see the movie.. a huge fan.