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Friday, August 8, 2008

Is Networking a Dirty Word?

As a firm believer in "Knowledge is Power" and someone who is a big fan of networking, I am amazed on how people still don’t understand how it works and why it is to their advantage to grow and learn peoples contributions in our world of technology. When I try to network with someone on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, just to mention a few sites, and then get a response like "I only network within my circle of friends", it baffles me. Of course we all like to communicate and network with people we know, but why be on a huge network site if you are going to limit yourself to such a small group. By limiting yourself from connecting with the larger audience, you miss on a vast number of opportunities for knowledge sharing and miss incredible opportunities in networking for jobs, collaborating, education/training opportunities, conversations, etc.

Just an idea, before you decline the invite:
1. By accepting this invite you're expanding more folks from all walks of life
2. By accepting this invite you're expanding knowledge, which gives you power
3. By accepting this invite you're opening more opportunities of all kinds:
a. career
b. collaboration
c. education
d. new friendships: personally/professionally
These are just a few reasons to welcome networking invites. This is only to make you think about what you could be missing out in the world wide web!

Happy Friday

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