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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Google vs Microsoft

Hey there kids. So first of all, thanks to Sergey for sharing his experience ( of working at both Microsoft and Google. Ultimatley going back to where he found the best fit.....Microsoft.

Now even if I wasn't a Microsoftie, I would still post this to share with people. We are always wondering what are those two worlds like, what attracts people, what makes them leave, what do they find interesting once inside, etc.

I think Sergey does a great job of giving kudos to both companies for what they do that really works and also sharing his experience on what, in his opinion, doesn't work so well.

This is the stuff people want to know about but often can't find out that much because they don't know anyone that works there or they just don't find enough info online that really gives them a good perspective about the "inside".

I won't ramble much so you can take a few minutes and check out what Sergey says about his experience at both places and why ultimatley chose Microsoft (it was the best match).

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Have a good one, BR

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