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Friday, June 13, 2008

What is a Researchologist?

People ask me what is a Researchologist and this is what my thoughts on the role:
A Internet Researcher and Name Generator, is like the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet. Who has great passion and great knowledge for the Internet and its unfathomable depths and unlimited potential. They believe in the hunt and they don’t believe in stopping. They make strategic sourcing make sense to their clients which consist of: Business Leaders and Recruiters. With the demands of finding outstanding talent and keeping the internal customers happy, they form and maintain a strong partnership with Recruiters, by working with them to create strategic plans and executing them so that clients are satisfied with the team’s efforts and results they present a strong recruiting front.
A Researchologist is a key player in building, training and setting the strategy for recruiting needs. A Researchologist is a new role that holds old school dear but allowing to break new ground in the world of the Internet, On-line Media, Social Networking, it’s a role that is new and not so new. It is all about how we think outside of the box and how we as an organization accept new adventures and grow with the never ending world of the www. Knowledge is power! Research is a need that the recruiting function needs to start accepting and get out of the old school way of thinking.

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