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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Twitter "Potential" Problem with A Twitter Suggestion In The Work Place


A Twitter “Potential” Problem  Tweeters posting tweets from corporate networks could expose company secrets. These conversations which are legally binding and subject to the legal rules of electronic discovery, which means tweets could be subpoenaed in a lawsuit.

·         A Twitter Suggestion  – Don’t Twitter from your corporate network OR as a matter of company policy, establish a set of guidelines under which employees will be permitted to Twitter from the corporate network.

A Twitter “Potential” Problem  Twitter also raises invasion of privacy and defamation issues. Trademark violations could also be alleged if Twitter users appear to have a relationship with a company or product when one does not exist or post tweets to dilute a trademarked name.

·         A Twitter Suggestion  – The worlds of Twitter, and similar  sources, are part of a new frontier. Rules of engagement are created by users and creators everyday. I suggest not to follow anyone who doesn’t have a url associated with their Twitter profile. I see it  as a matter “guaranteeing” legitimacy. In regards to watering down a trademarked name companies would be better served by bringing those folks who are talking about them into the fold giving them a voice than trying to silence them.

A Twitter “Potential” Problem  Twitter could also trigger more workplace retaliation and wrongful termination claims, whereby users will claim that they were retaliated against or fired over protected information they tweeted, such as being harassed at work or disclosing a safety violation.

·         A Twitter Suggestion  –  This one is tricky in that workplace retaliation and wrongful termination can be so difficult to prove. A you build your Rules of Engagement, get an HR involved to speak about such topics

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