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Monday, January 26, 2009

Changes in our workforce

Good Monday Morning everyone. With companies around the nation, and globally as well, forced to do layoffs, Microsoft found themselves in the same position as others and laid off about 1400 last week on January 22nd.

It's a somber day at any office when this type of thing is going on. What makes it hard on people and morale is hearing about people's meetings they have that day, knowing that you don't have one; watching people get called into offices and conferences rooms and then seeing them walk out and back to their desk saddened, only to leave for the day; back on Friday in some cases to pack up and move on.

It affects those being laid off the most, but also affects those of that still have our jobs. It makes for a long and sad day when you watch those you have hired and worked with walked into the conference empty handed and then walked out with a folder of information; those who were managers that you worked with and helped grow their organizations; and those you made friends with and made sure that meetings included a mocha whenever possible.

No matter how you spin it, layoffs hit us all in one way or another. And then the next week, it's back to business for us. Time to regain focus and once again start moving forward.

To everyone that has been affected by any recent layoff, I/we wish you the best of luck in your search. If I/we can assist in any way possible, please feel free to reach out.

Take care and I will look forward to crossing paths again. BR

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