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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hey there.  Was just going through my list of sites to check out and finally made some time to spend on  Yes, yes, I'm just finally checking this one out.  With so many recruiting related sites out there, it has been a bit of a daunting task making time to spend on them to determine what is really going to work and not work for me.

In my opinion, fairly popular site with quite a few people I do know and follow, as well as lots of interesting folks I'm not yet connected with but probably should and at some point, will be.  

In keeping this short and holding your attention span this morning, the thing that caught my eye was the video section.  Some are short, to the point and helpful.  The one I watched this morning was on Twitter.  I know a few of my counterparts out there have really just started exploring the use of Twitter, and this video made me think about them.  

They also have a variety of other videos that I think are worth checking out.  There are actually a couple that I'm going to share with hiring managers.  I think my HM's do hear 70% of what I'm saying during req (job) reviews, but this may also be another good tool to help support what we are telling them:-)  

So go forth and source, screen and make great hires.  BR

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