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Friday, January 11, 2008

Secrets, Scams and Gosh I am the best!

As a sourcer/researcher I come across amazing blogs, resumes, profiles, articles of those who are considered the best in the business, which is still a question I ask myself on how do we become the “best in the business” Is it our “mentors” and “pioneers” who do a lot of fluff and repeat writings and yet charge a lot of money for material that is free out there like “Google Cheat sheets” or “LinkedIn Cheatsheets” now maybe it’s smart to take advantage of those who are lazy which most of our colleagues aren’t but usually falls in to excuses and one which is the famous “I don’t have time to look” and benefiting by charging folks more then $60.00 bucks per doc. WOW! Now why didn’t I think about that?

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Glenn Gutmacher said...

I agree some search engines have created free cheatsheets, but none are geared to recruiting, and none have the same level of depth (with relevant examples) as the cheatsheets. It's understandably hard for most recruiters to adapt a short peanut NOT butter example (yes, that's an actual example string used by one search engine) to candidate bios, resumes, etc., that combine special commands and targeted search against associations, websites, key phrases that eliminate job postings, etc. So please don't lump them all together, and don't assume laziness is the reason that someone wants to improve their sourcing results. However, I agree there are far more cost-effective options than AIRS to get one's sourcing training (,, and, to name a few).